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Are You Frustrated With Public Schools?

Join a growing number of parents and teachers!

Fact: Last year, our nation spent over $382 Billion on education. Over 99% was spent on developing "learning environments" - buildings, books, science labs, teachers, sports programs, etc. The other part of the equation - what children can do for their education - is almost entirely overlooked.

As concerned adults our focus must be on the other side of the equation - getting children to take more ownership of their education. We must give them the tools to "step up to the plate" and take positive action on their education?

The key is goal setting! But, wait a minute. Aren't they already teaching that in school? Yes, but there is a significant difference between the way public and private schools teach these important life skills.

Why the difference between public and private school? Private schools:

1. Make goal setting and educational ownership a priority. 2. Integrate these principles into the student's educational experience. 3. Students are taught that they are directly responsible for the quality of their education.

4. Goal setting and educational ownership are fundamental parts of their students' and schools' success.

Public schools:

1. Teach goal setting as a small part of a bigger program. 2. Are under enormous pressure to complete the bigger program in a specific time. 3. Goal setting and educational ownership are not integrated into the school's curriculum. 4. Do not teach students how to specifically use goal setting in the classroom.

Did you say "that's my school" to any of the above statements? Many parents cannot afford to send their children to private schools, but they still want them to have the necessary tools to succeed.

Your child will benefit greatly when they learn how to set and achieve goals and how to use these principles in school. When your child takes educational ownership they take personal responsibility to do something meaningful and positive to change their lives. Your child will learn that they play a significant role in their education and in their future. With educational ownership comes dignity and self-respect.

Will you be pushing your kids too fast? Certainly, you wish your kids could grow up at a slower pace than they have to today. You know they are being bombarded by negative influences from the Internet, the radio, TV, MTV, etc. However, you understand that your most important job is to teach them how to meet the world's challenges. You want your children to grow up to be honest and caring, responsible, to take initiative, and to be respectful adults. You want them to develop a positive attitude, minimize their fears, and to be successful at whatever they choose to do. In short, you want it all for them and you are willing to sacrifice to help them.

Private schools make goal setting and educational ownership a priority for good reason. These are important keys to helping a child develop an "I'll Make It Happen" attitude that will have a positive impact on their school participation, student achievement, character development, attendance, discipline issues, and test results.

When your child understands and implements the goal setting and educational ownership principles they will make better decisions, minimize excuses, take more responsibility, and embrace your efforts to help them succeed.

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John Bishop is the Executive Director of Accent On Success® an organization dedicated to giving parents, teachers, and other caregivers the tools they need to help children succeed in school and in life. He is the author of Goal Setting for Students®.


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