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Achieve Great Beauty Naturally And Win The Fight Against Aging

I usually smile with gratitude when friends (and even strangers) sincerely guess my age to be 15 years younger.

When they learn the truth about my fight against aging, they take notes and become converts. Yes, just like that!

Taking Care

The fight to extend human life is nothing new, and as we all know, people resort to various means to achieve this battle: from cutting out irresponsible habits to going under the scapel.

Scientists keep making significant discoveries and how best we can keep our body youthful and even reverse the aging process.

One denominator of these countless research is this: be aware of the changes affecting your body. As you grow older, it is important to be aware of the changes affecting your body. This is inevitable.

You need to know how to prevent problems occurring and how to respond to them should they surface.

Taking responsibility for your own natural health and well-being gives you a great self-confidence and makes you feel you are in control of events.

For example, you respond to your body when you suddenly feel thirsty and take the appropriate healthy drink, such as a glass cup of water.

You exercise regularly and know the level of your fitness; you take plenty of fruits and vegetables, simply said, you are conscious of what is happening within and without your body.

The implication of taking care is simply translated to your psyche. Your mind is settled in the fact that doing the right things keeps your energy levels up and this makes you feel younger and stress levels are kept at the barest minimum.

Controlling simple things that happen to your body will go a long way to keep your body from aging quickly. For example, red meat may be tasty and delicious, yet, time and again.

It's been proven that a diet rich in red or processed meat can greatly increase the risk of bowel cancer. This is even worse, especially for those who have cut out fruits and vegetables from their menu.

Try This!

Do you smoke?

Cut it out for a week and see how you feel in your body. I can bet you, giving up that chimney-stuff will not only keep more money in your pocket, but it will also make your body younger, your skin radiant and your lungs livelier.

Do you stuff on red-meat burgers?

Exchange the burger for fish and see your youthfulness shoot through the roof! Not only will you be gaining an advantage over potential bowel-cancer-causing processed meat, but you will be reducing your levels of "bad" fat intake and increasing your "good" fat intake.

Do you take alcohol?

Substitute your alcohol intake for ordinary water, or at best water with a hint of natural juice mixers. Do this for a week and you would be amazed and your energy levels and better health.

Friend, while trying these things, add the "Peruvian Ginseng" or maca to your dietary supplement, you would be amazed and the ease with which you will be able to give up these bad habits, especially if you take the supplements such as maca as you would take any food.

You can suck or chew it, instead of the cigarette or alcohol. Many of our customers say they love sucking it like candy instead of droping back into any bad habits and it has helped wean them over as well.

You Can Do This....

Anyone, and I mean YOU, can take a ten-minute brisk-walk a day. Not only would you burn off dangerous fat concealed under your skin, you would help dislodge the toxins lurking around in your body through the waste that would be generated from the simple exercise. If you make it a duty to take a ten-minute brisk-walk a daily, your body will starting winning the fight for youthfulness.

Other things to take note of are the free radicals in the body. While oxygen is vital for life existence, it can also be its poison. Why? This is because when oxygen is used for essential processes inside the body, it leads to the production of damaging molecules known as free radicals.

The most damaging characteristic of free radicals is their chemical structure in that they contain an unpaired electron. This means that they roam around the body searching for healthy molecules to pair with. Unfortunately this pairing process damages the host molecule and irreversibly changes the DNA (material that carries genetic information).

If these free radicals are allowed to damage to body cells like this over a long period of time, the result is extensive cell damage and aging, as well as diseases such as arthritis, heart disease, cataracts and cancer.

Finally, Friend, the excellent combination of natural health supplements such as the Booster's maca and Alive! goes a long way in the reduction of free radicals in your body.

Check out these alternative health products: Booster and Alive!


1. Walker M: Effects of Peruvian Maca on Hormonal Functions. Townsend Letter 1998;184:18-22.

2. DerMarderosian A (ed): Maca. In: The Review of Natural Products. Facts and Comparisons Inc, St. Louis, MO; 2000.

Dr Veronica manages, and writes with a fervency for natural health products for the family; helping others to maximize the beauty of life. This article is extracted from his newsletter "JuicyNites? Newsletter". She helped with the creation of The Booster and JuicyNites?

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